the art of eating 
a great burger

How to hold a hamburger may seem like 
                                                 second nature to most.  

   While most people pick up their burgers with their thumbs 
on the bottom and their fingers on top, it is argued that 
          burger eaters should have their thumbs and pinkies 
   supporting the bottom bun and their middle fingers spread 
      evenly on top to minimize spillage and maximize the 
           amount of beef patty and bun making it into the mouth.
NOW - The real way to eat a delicious burger, 
                       is to use your hands! 
      First, press down and flatten the bun, stuff back all the 
   ingredients that dropped out, and use both hands, yes, 
                                  both hands..........napkins are available.
Don’t unwrap!!
              We wrap it for a reason...
    The hamburger is a sandwich. A hand-held snack. 
          It is crucial therefore that it retains its structural 
                integrity to the last mouthful.

    PS: Also understand that once you have released your 
burger back to the table you lose your control over it and 
           your battle to gain that control starts all over again.